Mobile self-service and cash registry free shopping is here!

Login and Account Management

  • Customer account login for store check-out 

  • Single sign on integration across all channels. 

  • Fast, safe and secure login.

  • Simple and easy customer registration.

  • Profile management for payments and loyalty membership for rapid processing. 


Bring the Amazon Go Experience to your customers.


Shopping Cart

  • Scan to add items to the shopping bag.

  • Store discounts, promotions and membership coupons applied to cart as items are scanned.

  • Update and edit cart items to manage the purchases.

  • Realtime update of all purchases and running totals when buyer is adding to the cart increasing transparency. 

Easy Checkout

  • Detailed list of checkout items, pricing and quantity.

  • Pricing break down by tax and discounts clearly listed for full transparency to the customer.

  • Integration with multiple payment methods such as credit-cards and Paypal. 

  • One click check out with pre-stored payment card. 


E-receipt & Barcode

  • Unique barcode generated for every customer check out.

  • Barcode used for customer purchase validation prior to store exit.

  • Easy email option for all e-receipts.

  • Ability for customer and retailer to review customer purchase history by store (eliminating paper receipts). 

Profile Dashboard

  • Easy user profile creation and management.

  • Quick dashboard of orders, address, password management and preferred store. 

  • Simple and easy to use experience.

  • Seamless integration of existing customer profile data for single-sign on experience.


Order Lists

  • Customer order lists history for all past purchases.

  • All orders clickable to review detailed purchase info and the unique barcode.

  • Used to managed shopper lists, returns and spend reports.


Store Management

  • Quick store look up option when shopping at multiple stores.

  • Ability to pick brand store and location as default preferred option for shopping.

  • Single app to manage multiple store purchases making shopping easy and fun.